Mallik Engineering has expertise in the following Engineering Works

  • Sheet Metal Pressed Components
  • Light Sheet Metal Fabrication to high accuracies
  • Precision Machined Components
  • Assembly of General Mechanisims
  • Sheet Metal Consoles for Electronic Equipment
  • Customer Specific Sheet Metal Products
  • Sheet Metal enclosures for various applications.

Some of the components that are developed are used in

  • Elevator Sub Assemblies …
    • Hoistway & Car Doors
    • Door Operating  Assembly
    • Car Panels &  Ceilings
    •  Platforms Assemblies
    • Strut , Sill , Hitch & Machine Bed Plates.
    • Counter Weights,Buffers & Rail Bracketories.
  • Ss Train Doors ,Forced Ventilation & Brake Accessories.
  •  Electrical Cabinates,Traction Panels & Junction Boxes.

In-house Facilities…

  • CNC Turret Punching Machine         
  • CNC Bending Machine
  • NC Shearing  Machine
  • MIG & TIG Welding Machines
  • Projection Welding
  • Mechanical & Hydro Pneumatic Press
  • DRO Milling Machine
  • Surface Grinding Machine
  • Tube Cutting Machines
  • Spray  Painting Booths
  • Assembly Lines

Our Technical Capabilities:

  • Product design and execution of customer defined products in sheet metal and machined components
  • Assembly and testing of various mechanisims as required by the customer
  • Design, Manufacture and Assembly of consoles for Electronic packages
  • Manufacture of intricate Sheet Metal Components requiring punching, piercing, stamping, bending, forming etc.,
  • Design & Manufacture of Jigs, fixtures, forming dies required for production.