The highly motivated team of over 150 in the company are the strength of Mallik Engineering. The  highly qualified and well experienced management team to support and guide the work force with all major departments are the key to success to register a growth of over INR 700 Crore during 2014.  The product development team have been successfully developing new products.

In addition, an exclusive team of Quality Assurance monitors and controls the product quality in various stages through stringent inspection processes and maintain Statistical Process Control Charts to ensure  the product quality standards. The team conducts the analysis on rejections, process failures and customer escapes with a cross functional team to achieve the zero ppm.

The Human resource team takes care of the employee’s welfare and training, enhancing efficiency in all areas

In line with the vision of the company to grow with the customer’s growth, Mallik Engineering adopts new technologies and techniques like Lean Manufacturing system, Value Stream Mapping, Value Engineering and waste elimination, thereby maintaining on-time delivery with high quality products.